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11 July 2023

- Added 3 FamiTracker entries to the Modules Directory page.

04 July 2023

- Added a new entry to the Gallery page (finally!).
- Minor changes to the scrollbar on Firefox.

10 June 2023

- Added a "Modules Directory" page!
- New entry on the Links Directory.
- Applied Atkinson Hyperlegible as the main font.

21 April 2023

- Actually I decided to just use Verdana for now.

19 April 2023

- Made minor changes to the fonts.

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The Latest Social Media Discourse(tm)

06 July 2023

Well, this is a bit of a longer one, so please bear with me!!

First of all, if you were unaware of it:
1. I envy you;
2. I am genuinely sorry for bringing this up here (can't promise it won't happen again though, lol).

But as a quick summary, Twitter has been in a particularly dire state lately, to the point it actually doesn't function properly at times! And now, for some godforsaken reason, Facebook* now has this "Threads" thing, which is just... Twitter!! And this isn't even an exaggeration, it quite literally is the exact same thing, but somehow even worse!!!
No chronological timeline (meaning you have to sit through random bullthit / ads to find a post from someone you actually follow), excessive permissions, you need to have an account elsewhere to be able to use it (what?!), and all that fun stuff.
How rushed was this thing, after all? I highly doubt they'd spend more than a month on something like this.

I've been seeing a lot of people hopping onto it, and the only thing I can possibly think in this situation is just... why? Why would you ever sign up for a worse version of an already bad service?

Oh, I should mention that Threads isn't the only Twitter clone out there, there are many, many others, especially independent ones. And it's honestly getting really stupid.
People used so many different websites because they all had an unique thing to offer and they were all very different from each other! It's depressing to realise we have reached a point where the newer social media websites are just... worse rip-offs of already existing ones, doomed to miserably fail.

Y'know, it's pretty sad, yet incredibly funny to see like every single big-tech Internet service crumble into pieces throughout these last few years. It's sad in the sense of the current spaces people use to interact and even meet other people becoming less and less reliable by the day. Maybe soon enough we'll witness a new period of the Internet where there are more personal, community-based spaces for interacting instead of it all being under some big coropration's control. Very wishful, I know but we can all dream, right? It's not impossible.

There's this cohost thing, and from what I've seen it's... surprisingly decent, and it actually offers something different for once: it encourages making longer posts about all sorts of topics, and gets rid of algorithm-boosting stuff with the absence of numbers for likes and shares. Also seems like a very artist-friendly place, which is a pretty big deal.
In fact, I have been considering joining cohost, but I'm not too sure about it yet. Granted, more people would be able to watch my rambles thanks to the nature of the website, but... it's something I can already do right here. Besides, the attention is cool, but at the end of the day I just like writing my thoughts down, regardless of how many people will actually see it.

I started this website project around last year's february, and it's been fun, even if the audience here may be very small. Maybe eventually Neocities will release its final breath. Hell, maybe I won't be able to update this place for whatever reason, but until then I'll just... hang around. Hopefully you'll enjoy the ride as well.

...that was a strangely melancholy note to end this post on, but it sounds cooler like that.

*Yes, I know it goes by "Meta" now. Yes, I will deadname big corporations.

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